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Important message to my subscribers and all those who are interested in the topic of pyramids, absorbing the knowledge of ancient civilizations and seeks to actively use this knowledge in their daily lives.

It is my duty to warn all those who care about the topic of ancient knowledge, Paleoscience and Paleotechnology that on the Internet and on the pages of Facebook web site called:
"MAAT Foundation" - Pyramids.ru.com appeared controlled by Mikhail Eliseev. Point out that the name Mikhail Eliseev is used for Russian-speaking audience and the same person, but under a different name Michael Occhipinti (https://www.facebook.com/kudesnikspb?pnref=friends.search) for not speaking Russian.

It is indicative that right after publication with this link appeared on March 4, 2016 in the global Internet, M. Eliseev immediately removed his page from Facebook – panicked...

Last year this "man" has collected orders for the “Wands of Horus” from people of several countries, posing himself as a representative of Valery Uvarov, received money from customers into his account and disappeared. When all became clear, Mikhail Eliseev called Valery Uvarov, blackmailing him, saying that if he doesn't send the wands to the people at Valery’s own expense, then Valery’s reputation will suffer.
When Valery Uvarov asked Mikhail Eliseev to compensate people their loss, following messages appeared on his web sites:
Michael Occhipinti has changed the privacy settings of the group "Astrosystems - laboratory energy-informational technologies" with the "Available to all" on the "Secret group".

Three days ago I received Email asking about my opinion on the pyramids from "MAAT" foundation. It came out that Mikhail Eliseev offers people to purchase a home-office pyramids, which Valery Uvarov is developing for many years.

The problem is that Mikhail Eliseev has no idea about what real pyramid is and how to create them correctly.
The bad news is that in his blog he draws the attention of people saying that the pyramids from his company – are the tools that can help in solving problems with cancer! But small home-office pyramids cannot help it. For that other large-sized pyramids are needed. Therefore, fearing that greedy "activity" of Mikhail Eliseev can bring harm to people and may have caused damage to the pyramid subject, I am compelled to write this short message.

Sincerely Yours
Valery Uvarov

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