Сalendar of lectures and seminars


Lectures and seminars in Russia:


14 December 2013 - centre "Samadeva" on kazanskaya street 10
25 January 2014 - centre "Samadeva" on kazanskaya street 10
15 February 2014 - centre "Samadeva" on kazanskaya street 10
10 March 2014 - centre "Samadeva" on kazanskaya street 10

20 April 2014 - centre "Samadeva" on kazanskaya street 10

Start at 19:00 MSK;  Help and register: +7(901)3018107

March - Индия (from 17 to 25 March. dates are subject to change)
April - Босния (С 1 to 5 April. dates are subject to change)
Germany - (dates will be published later)
Italy - (dates will be published later)

We invite to cooperation organizers of our lectures and seminars in other regions and countries. Contact us for information on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone: +7(901)3018107

Program of our lectures and seminars:

  • 1. Symbol of Energy in ancient Egyptian system. The Theory of the “Energy of Life”
  • 2.«KA-BA-LA-ON». The Ancient Egyptian doctrine of the structural unity of the human being and the universe.
  • 3. A secret recovered. Harmonic resonance and Golden Section. What is “harmonic resonance” and what it gives to us.
  • 4. Canon. Main principals for tuning temples and pyramids. How they were tuned: Egyptian canon, Hinduistic canon Vastu, Atlantian canon.
  • 5. Pyramid construction. 12 stimulus to build the pyramids.
  • 6. The Influence of cyclical processes on the fate of people and civilizations. Main 12-month biological cycle of human being.
  • 7. Energy centers of human being: their function, structure and meaning in evolutionary process. Chakras and ancient teaching about them, Chakra rhythms.
  • 8. Trees. The energetic and biological rhythms of trees for the correction of the energetic and physical state of a human being.
  • 9. Synchronization – main principal of evolution.
  • 10. Ancient Egyptian teaching about the Wands of Horus. What was the aim behind the creation of the «Wands of Horus»? (Synchronization of the energy bodies). Apopis and Seth Factors.
  • 11. TIME – main principal of ALL, main Source of energy and foundation of evolutionary processes. Initial view on Time of ancient Egyptian and Mayan priests.
  • 12. Foundation of ancient Egyptian priest’s view on health on men. Main tools for correction of inner biological time. The Endocrinal Orientation of Paleotechnology.


The program of lectures and seminars-2014 from Valery Uvarov you can DOWNLOAD here (in PDF file)




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Valery Uvarov - scientist, a specialist in paleoscinces and paleotehnology, ufologist. More than 22 years devoted to the study of heritage of ancient civilizations.

• Director of International information center for UFO Investigation (IICUFI)

• Member of Russian Geographic society

• Author of project "New Atlantis" and the "Project 12"

• Author of experimental pyramid in St.Petersburg region and complex of pyramids in Siberia

• Manufacturer of the "Wands of horus"

• Head of UFO association of the Unity of Supreme Officers of Russia

Author of numerous publications on ufology, Egyptology and exoterica in the Russian and foreign press. Initiator and participant in a number of expeditions to India, Egypt, Mexico, Cambodia, Indonesia, China and other countries in search of material evidence of ancient knowledge.