Expedition to Gornaya Shoria (September 21-25, 2013).

Information about existence of big number of strange megalithic objects in Gornaya Shoria (Mountain Shoria) in Russian Siberia, have been received from local geologists. During their geological survey, they came across huge megalithic structures. This discovery have been done in Soviet times, when all roads in Gornaya Shoria were blocked by checkpoints of penal colonies. Right after “Perestroyka” all that colonies have been disassembled and roads to that mysterious megaliths have been opened.

On September 21 2013 first expedition, consisted of 19 people, went to megalithic location for preliminary investigation. All 19 investigators have been scientists, well experienced in mountain climbing.

On September 22, expedition began to climb on one of the mountain ridge of Gornaya Shoria. At curtain places, slopes reached gradients up to 60º.


Megalithic structures in Gornaya Shoria (Russia, Siberia)

Admiration and piety for power of ancients are the feelings most of us experience, watching gigantic blocks of temples and pyramids of ancient Egypt. Unfinished obelisk from Aswan 1168 tons in weight.

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Either gigantic megaliths of Ollantaytambo or Puma Punku in Peru? Or huge blocks of Baalbek? Until recent times all this megaliths, conquer in our consciousness when thinking about technologies, calling respect for ancient distinguished power and skills.

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In 2014 we plan new expedition to most special site in Gornaya Shoria, where recently previous expedition headed by Georgy Sidorov found huge megaliths, out of any conquer by their sizes. Up till now there is nothing to compare with them in the whole world. There were found blocks there from 2000 up to 4000 tones and even more in weight. Who and what for did them all? What was the meaning of that gigantic site? From the first glance it looks like that megalithic structure was destroyed by colossal power explosion.

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