From 1989 until 1995, I had been to Georgia (Caucasus mountains) many time working closely together with Tales Shonia (head of UFO comity of Georgia at the times of Soviet Union). From my point of view Georgia and especially territory around Tbilisi (capital of Georgia) was one of the most interesting and perspective UFO site in whole world. Especially from scientific point of view!


Valery Uvarov on UFO congress 2003

Interview with Major-General Vasiliy Eremenko

Interview with Major-General Vasily Eremenko - the head of special Intelligence department of the Russian Air Force. Space Communications Centre, Moscow, 1997. Made by Valery Uvarov.


About interview with general Alexey Savin


Few days ago I have got Email from Zora Novak:

Dear Valery if you have time plz only little comment. I have heard about General Savin who is talking about aliens and their contacts with us. my Yugo friends reported that Spiritual Teacher Lazarev put Savin's videos on his website and it seems he said that Aliens messaged if we will not be better in behavior they will destroy us.(This is Lazarev's 'truth'). I believe to you who said that they don't want to interfere..  and searching little I found also:

Professor of Russian Academy of Natural Science Alexey Savin “Alien civilizations are watching us and don’t interfere – we are extremely primitive and wicked”

The answer of Valery Uvarov:

Dear Zora, I watched this video. As a whole, general Savin is right. Though, in how he sees the future and interprets cause-and-effect relationships I saw enough of misunderstandings. Details are very important, cause (as we say in Russia) “Devil is hidden in details”. Evil will enter our lives if we misunderstand and react to future events incorrectly. Let’s have close look at these "details" in order brought forward by general Savin:


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