From 1989 until 1995, I had been to Georgia (Caucasus mountains) many time working closely together with Tales Shonia (head of UFO comity of Georgia at the times of Soviet Union). From my point of view Georgia and especially territory around Tbilisi (capital of Georgia) was one of the most interesting and perspective UFO site in whole world. Especially from scientific point of view!

At that times there were many close encounter cases happened with local citizens and then reported to representatives of Georgian academy of science - especially to medical department. I myself have been witnessed few unbelievable close encounter cases when ETs made serious surgery operations to local citizens, later reported and investigated in Georgian medical academy of science with stunning results! There were many close encounter cases with warnings ETs gave to local contactees about future events. Unfortunately, social upheavals happened in Georgia right after that stopped this investigation process. Now, more than 23 years later, we would like to share with you this amateur video film made by Tales Shonia in 1990. Watching it, you can gather preliminary information about Georgian ufology, one of the most interesting and informative within last 25 years.


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Valery Uvarov - scientist, a specialist in paleoscinces and paleotehnology, ufologist. More than 22 years devoted to the study of heritage of ancient civilizations.

• Director of International information center for UFO Investigation (IICUFI)

• Member of Russian Geographic society

• Author of project "New Atlantis" and the "Project 12"

• Author of experimental pyramid in St.Petersburg region and complex of pyramids in Siberia

• Manufacturer of the "Wands of horus"

• Head of UFO association of the Unity of Supreme Officers of Russia

Author of numerous publications on ufology, Egyptology and exoterica in the Russian and foreign press. Initiator and participant in a number of expeditions to India, Egypt, Mexico, Cambodia, Indonesia, China and other countries in search of material evidence of ancient knowledge.