Thyroid disorders


Archbishop Theodore (Fiodor) 
of Yaroslavl and Sergiyev Posad,
Member of the Holy Synod of the True
Orthodox Church of Russia

“In the summer of 2002 I came across a very interesting case. Our attention was drawn to a certain young man, who dreamed of a career in the military and had already done quite a bit to make that dream a reality. But when we became acquainted he was very depressed and introverted. As we talked, it emerged that his mood was caused by doctors having discovered nodal formations in his thyroid lobes that could put a stop to his plans.

“Fortunately I had in my arsenal a set of Wands of Horus KONT with increased magnetic induction. Luckily our patient had sufficient free time and he enthusiastically accepted our proposal. For three-day cycles (36 hours) he worked tirelessly with the Wands of Horus, combining this with listening to the audio course two times (on waking and before going to sleep). Nonetheless we were most surprised when the repeat medical examinations carried out a week later showed that his thyroid had completely recovered its proper structure and functions.”

With their general stimulating effect on the endocrine system, the Wands of Horus encourage the restoration of the functions of the endocrine glands.

You can work with the Wands of Horus at any time, following the motto “the more, the better”. Since one of the factors is disruption of thyroid function is a shortage of iodine in the organism, we recommend in autumn, winter and spring combining the Wands of Horus with salt baths. You should be sure to use sea salt containing a sufficient quantity of iodine. Apart from the general restoration of bio-energy rhythms, the organism will actively take up iodine through the skin improving the iodine balance (see “Using salt baths” in the book “The Wands of Horus”).

In summer we recommend spending more time on the seashore, where the water and air have a high iodine content, working with the Wands of Horus for as long as possible (see “The method of restoring the energy balance of the organism”).

amber smallFor a more effective and deep-reaching correction of thyroid disorders you should use the Wands of Horus in conjunction with amber worn on the neck in the area of the thyroid. This can be a necklace or beads of natural amber going around the neck below the larynx.

The structure of the amber against the background of the action of the Wands of Horus has a deep beneficial effect on the thyroid gland. The type of wands should be selected having regard to blood pressure. The main sorts of dysfunction – overactivity and underactivity – are in this instance not a decisive factor in the choice of wand type.

If the effect of wands and amber is not sufficient, in hyperthyroidism we recommend using an appropriate “vampire” tree (aspen, poplar) to discharge the excess energy. To raise energy levels, you should interact with a pine or oak (see “The energy and biological rhythms of trees for the correction of the energy and physical state of human beings”).

Besides these recommendations you should make sure you have enough iodine in your diet (using sea salt, seaweed, etc.) and also expose in a pyramid the iodine-rich medication prescribed for thyroid patients.

«The Wands of Horus», 2004

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