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oppoSTPE7793 AIn the autumn of 2012 a unique day-spa opened at 18, Zhukovsky Street (Ulitsa Zhukovskogo) in St.Petersburg – the Crystal Spa & Lounge. For the first time anywhere in the world the salon was designed and constructed in full accordance with the principles and technologies employed in Antiquity in the construction of temples and pyramids that are described in detail in the book of Valery Uvarov "The Pyramids".

The choice of this approach was prompted by a desire to create a spa that would differ fundamentally from all the spa salons in the world in its energy and health-improving properties.

The “technologies of the gods” were last used in the construction of temples and pyramids thousands of years ago, but the references to the “divine properties” possessed by the pyramids and temples of health that have come down to us in the legends of various peoples stirred the imagination.

In the autumn of 2010 the basic conception for the future salon was formulated, although it went on to become something greater than simply a spa. The distinguishing feature of the concept was put in place at the design stage and included a holistic approach to health, the use of ancient technologies to effectively support health and beauty in a big city environment.

The use of these technologies provides humanity with unique opportunities and wide-ranging prospects, the practical importance of which is higher than the considerable material investments involved in implementing the project. Despite the 15-20% increase in costs, more complex monitoring of the engineering and architecture, the investor resolved to employ the “technologies of the gods” to achieve the maximum health-improving effect.

20130606 133728After selection of the premises and an analysis of their energy properties, detailed design work began. Special conditions are always necessary for achievement of a lofty goal.

The first special condition was the application of the harmonious system of the “Golden Proportions” to the parameters of the future spa. This made the process significantly more complicated, because specialists capable of thinking and designing within that system are a great rarity.

The second special condition was the quality of the building work. The desired standards required a revision and recruitment of a team capable of working precisely, within minimal tolerances – no more than 2–3 millimetres!

The third special condition was the organization of interaction between all those involved. A precise division of the planning, construction and technological processes for the efficient and, most importantly, exact accomplishment of the goals set.

The fourth special condition was the synchronization of the processes: planning, architectural and building work. The future salon’s premises required complete reconstruction with total adherence to the precise parameters in the Golden Section.

Considering the limited working space available, we had to “fight” for every square inch of useful area when inserting the future interiors and necessary equipment into it. This inevitably led to adjustments in the plans and in the working timetable. The changes also had to be made to accord with the Golden Section system, the utilities (including the ventilation system, mains electricity and low-voltage networks) and the specifics of the technological spa equipment, which considerably complicated the accomplishment of the task.

According to the conception, the spa was to become a source of “life energy”, creating as favourable an environment as possible for both the clients of the Crystal Spa & Lounge and the staff who would work there. Moreover the Crystal Spa & Lounge was intended to be a “Til.Moon”, a place where the flow of inner biological time is conserved, retarding ageing processes and the advance of degenerative and auto-immune processes in the body (see The Third Stimulus section in the book). That kind of fantastic result is possible if we synchronize a person’s energy system and inner biological rhythms with the Earth’s energy clock. To accomplish this exceptionally important task, millennia ago the Neferu suggested to the ancient priests the idea of designing and constructing using the principle of the Golden Section and special materials to synchronize human biorhythms with the energy rhythms of the Earth, since the likelihood of earthlings becoming aware of these mechanisms by empirical means is very small.

The departure from the Canon and instructions for the construction of temples and dwellings that took place unheeded thousands of years ago led to extremely unfavourable living conditions for present-day human beings. Existing geological conditions superimposed on the extremely negative psycho-emotional field left behind in St Petersburg by the war, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, and then the harsh conditions of the post-war period have created an energy environment poorly suited for life.

The geological faults on which St Petersburg and other conglomerations stand have performed and continue to perform the role of “storage batteries” for that negative charge that will persist at those places while the fault exists and people live over it.

karta tektonicheskih_razlomov_sankt_peterburga_0

A map of the geological faults under St Petersburg

As a result the city’s housing has turned into one continuous pathogenic zone in which it is impossible to live and work normally. It has to be accepted that the general decline in creative physical and emotional strength, and also the overall unsatisfactory state of people’s health is due to precisely this factor.

In any medical or sanatory establishment where energetically exhausted people turn for help to energetically exhausted doctors, an unhealthy exchange of energy occurs between physicians and patients. The doctor takes upon himself the patient’s diseases and the patient carries away after treatment a mixture of the energies of those diseases that the doctor collected from his patients. In this situation, there can be no talk of health in the true sense of the word.

In the Crystal Spa & Lounge concept that factor was considered from the outset. In accordance with the plan of implementation, the spa-salon space is to become an energetically pure environment, in which clients and staff will be in a flow of “life energy” that promotes the improved health in both clients and staff. The high concentration of “life energy” will improved the state of the immune system, increase the energy level and quality of the procedures carried out and facilitate the professional advancement of the spa personnel.

The negative energy situation that has formed over centuries can only be radically changed if a number of important conditions are observed. What are these and why are they necessary?

  1. The neutralization (transformation) of the negative “energy cloud” hanging above a specific place in a town or city
  2. The “opening up of a flow of life energy” at a specific site (geological fault) and the changing of its quality using appropriate technologies. When that is done, the energy of the fault is converted into a flow of “life energy” that unleashes creative powers and positively influences human health. After this transformation the fault, acting as a unique natural storage battery, begins to retain a column of “life energy” at that spot. At that point everything begins to change dynamically for the better.

For the implementation of the project in St Petersburg a site was chosen where two fault lines cross on Zhukovsky Street in the very heart of the city (see fig.) and after the design work was complete construction began in strict accordance with the ancient canon.

karta tektonicheskih_razlomov_sankt_peterburga_1

The fault lines under Zhukovsky Street in St Petersburg

This site was chosen deliberately so that later, in keeping with the precepts of the canon, the fault would act as storage for the flow of “life energy”.

In the final stage of the project the builders sensed that the Crystal Spa & Lounge had become a “place of power”. The salon’s energies began to have a deep healing influence on human beings. It became possible to observe from day to day the expansion of the creative potential of people who spent time in the spa salon and a significant improvement of their physical condition.

-. ._.__._1-2_1

GDV picture

When the salon was at the stage of preparation for the opening, a scientific experiment was carried out using a gas discharge visualization (GDV) device that makes possible an express analysis of a person’s general physical and energy state. The subject chosen for the experiment was a person whose duties included close interaction with a large group of builders, which made his job highly draining in terms of energy. His state was measured for reference in the morning before he started work in the salon (the left-hand GDV picture) and the second (on the right) after six hours of active work.

Under ordinary conditions, after six hours’ work anybody will experience tiredness, inertia, a lack of energy, a slowing down on mental and physical reactions.

This piece of research graphically demonstrated that already at this stage of construction the salon was having a powerful positive energy effect on a human being. The energy shell surrounding his body increased in size. The density of the aura changed and it became more golden in colour. The subject himself felt a significant improvement in his general condition, a lack of tiredness, a feeling of lightness and a good mood. His physical and emotional state was better in the evening than in the morning.

The result of the experiment spoke for itself. The Crystal Spa & Lounge has become a source of the “life energy” so important for humans, the energy mentioned in all ancient sacred texts.

In Ancient Egyptian history and mythology there are a fair number of allusions to distant times (even in respect of the Old Kingdom) in which the gods (some god-like heavenly beings) came down from heaven, lived on the Earth and spoke with people in one language. It was to this period in their history that the Egyptians dated all the “gifts” that laid the foundations for what we now call the sciences. Among other things, the sacred Book of Temple Plans (a handbook of architecture, the Canon) was sent down from heaven, with the place (where it was handed over) precisely indicated.

A hieroglyphic inscription preserved on the wall of the temple of Edfu says that the general plan of the of the temple rooms was constructed in accordance with the precepts of the "divine scroll of Imhotep, which he left in the Memphis area when he flew off to the gods in the sky."

When designing the Crystal Spa & Lounge we followed those same precepts and recommendations, which made it possible to construct the salon in accordance with the Canon.

The pronounced beneficial changes in the state of people who have spent time in the Crystal Spa & Lounge indicates that the salon has become a true “temple of health” constructed fully in keeping with the ancient prescriptions.

As a consequence all the procedures carried out in the Crystal Spa & Lounge will have a profound health-improving effect, setting the Crystal Spa & Lounge apart from all the salons in the world. Each successive visit will increase the effectiveness of the procedures, improving the state of the metabolism and immune system. The benefit from the massage oils and other preparations used in the salon will be increased several times over. This is borne out by all the scientific experiments that were carried out in pyramids and are described in this book.

Today we can say for certain that the Crystal Spa & Lounge is a place of deep emotional and physical unloading. Everything here has been created to aid physical improvement and spiritual growth. It is the site of a high concentration of energies that stimulate a person’s creative and spiritual aspect.

The Crystal Spa & Lounge is a place of the sort the Ancients called “Nefer-Ta-Ra” (a residence of the god Ra). The meaning of the corresponding hieroglyphs, и makes it clear that a person in that place is in the presence of Ra (within the flow of Ra’s energies) and so it is possible to feel the “temple effect” there, to sense the energy presence of Ra and to make a wish.

Constantly being in the flow of pure “Ra energies” expands the creative potential of the spa salon’s staff and leads to a day-by-day improvement in the quality of the procedures. The changing quality makes necessary daily monitoring and management of the processes of its dynamic development. In the energy environment of the Crystal Spa & Lounge all processes become living and daily changing. Considering the complex interaction between them – beginning with the procedures and ending with the behavioural reactions of clients and personnel – the monitoring and control needs to be carried out in real time. This is one more special condition and highly important characteristic – the management of the constructed and operating establishment like a dynamically developing living organism.

The principle of personal service lies at the basis of the Crystal Spa & Lounge concept. It expresses itself in the range of individual programmes in the health-treatment field, including cosmetology, massage, diagnostic relaxation programmes, dance techniques and fitness, as well as “taste of health” cuisine, while the special Crystal Spa atmosphere invests any procedure with a calming, relaxing effect, removing tough stress-engendered tensions.

The Crystal Spa & Lounge is a special energo-ecological environment that is marked by a special atmosphere of friendliness and a high quality of service. It neutralizes the negative factors of urban existence. For the first time after a gap of thousands of years in the Crystal Spa & Lounge, as a true temple of health constructed in accordance with the requirements of the Canon, music can be heard that was recorded in the central chamber of the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. Each treatment room is fitted with a hi-end acoustic system that makes it possible not only to hear the music, but also to feel it with your body. Special lighting equipment makes it possible to use chromotherapy to enhance the therapeutic effect by synchronizing the vibrations of a person’s energy shells with the vibrations of the Earth’s energy shells (see the Synchronization section in this book).


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