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Although many books have been written about the properties of pyramids, they have not yet become an indispensable part of our lives. One of the reasons for this is that people have still not realized what they are and why after all they were built. Many opinions and suggestions have been put forward, but no definite, convincing version of their true purpose has yet been heard.Lost among the multitude of hypotheses is the main idea that provided a mighty stimulus for our ancestors, inspiring them to an unprecedented accomplishment – to erect pyramids that today could not be reproduced by a single country, by even the most advanced economy, unless the whole world collaborated. But for that we need a serious incentive.


Research into the effect of pyramids

поле пирамиды исследованияThe time has come and the pyramids are gradually revealing their secrets to us. Experiments to study the effect of the pyramids on animate and inanimate objects are changing conceptions about the properties of material. And despite the fact that attitudes to the pyramids are still mixed, they are becoming an ever more forcible presence in our lives, helping us to see the world with different eyes.

Recent researches have shown that, agricultural seeds treated in the pyramid show a 30% to 70% increase in yield. Diamonds synthesized from graphite that has lain for a week in a pyramid turn out purer and harder than usual, and more perfect in shape. Water that has been in the pyramids retains its properties for years.


Large and home-office pyramids

home-officeIf you have developed an urgent desire to use the magical properties of pyramids in your daily life, then you are on the right track. A pyramid alongside you is a source of life and benefit in the broad sense of the word. Let us recap the most important things about pyramids. The pyramid is:

- a powerful cosmic antenna;
- a model in stone of the energy structure of the human being and of the universe, using the latter’s energy mechanism;

- a very powerful generator of cosmic energies operating on various planes.


The Theory of the “Energy of Life”

7299840cfdOne of the reasons why humanity has still not recognized the level of the ancients’ knowledge lies in the incorrect reading of the hieroglyphics or pictographs.

The most important aspects of the knowledge passed down by the priests from generation to generation was recorded in the language of symbols rather than words. A pictograph can convey several levels of information (meanings). Individual symbols contained the sense of a whole doctrine, while to express a single idea in words sometimes requires volumes of books. Moreover verbal records leave room for incorrect interpretations and manipulations.


The building materials of the Gods

Now you will learn about the materials used in the construction of the pyramids. This knowledge is of fundamental importance and without it a proper pyramid cannot be built, still less an effective one. Irrespective of the purpose for which a pyramid was being built, only natural materials were used in its construction, The choice of materials was determined by their properties, their influence on the human organism and energy system. In order to explain what exactly these materials were, let us look at the corresponding Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that was used for the building material of temples and pyramids.


Where did the gods go?

pasha2 sLet’s return to Egypt, to the Valley of the Kings. We are going to visit the tomb of Ramses VI, a pharaoh of the 20th dynasty, during the New Kingdom period. We go down and inside, to the upper level J, to the central part of the right-hand wall. Here is the image that interests us (Fig. 3)

It is a fragment from the Book of the Earth, Part A, Scene 7. This image contains several layers of information, but we shall concentrate for the moment on the main thing. The figure in the centre of the composition is covered with yellow paint. Semen is dripping from his phallus onto the head of the little human figure. What associations does that bring to your mind? Egyptologists thought the same.


The Second Birth of Hyperborea

merkatormap 195Before we briefly review the main stages that the bearers of knowledge had to go through after the terrible catastrophe, we shall make a small, but very important digression. There are two reasons for doing so. The first is a desire to cast light on one of the most significant and mysterious chapters of our past – the great land of Hyperborea. Many thousands of years ago it was lost from the map of history, becoming a phantom and the unattainable dream of researchers and travellers. Its mysterious power drew many but there were few who comprehended the spiritual magnetism that attracted those who sought the ancient cradle of humanity, as if they all experienced an irresistible urge to find the land in which they pent their childhood and which was trodden by their great ancestors.


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