The Second Birth of Hyperborea

merkatormap 195Before we briefly review the main stages that the bearers of knowledge had to go through after the terrible catastrophe, we shall make a small, but very important digression. There are two reasons for doing so. The first is a desire to cast light on one of the most significant and mysterious chapters of our past – the great land of Hyperborea. Many thousands of years ago it was lost from the map of history, becoming a phantom and the unattainable dream of researchers and travellers. Its mysterious power drew many but there were few who comprehended the spiritual magnetism that attracted those who sought the ancient cradle of humanity, as if they all experienced an irresistible urge to find the land in which they pent their childhood and which was trodden by their great ancestors.


From "The Pyramids" book by Valery Uvarov

Russian bylinas (epic poems), the Indian Rigveda, the Iranian Avesta, Chinese and Tibetan historical chronicles, German epic poetry, Celtic and Scandinavian mythology all describe a very ancient northern land, a near-paradise, in which a Golden Age prevailed. That land was settled in ancient times by glorious people – the children of the “gods”. Those among us today who are related to them carry a special gene, a special spiritual force – the Khvarno – which once it has been reborn like the fabled Phoenix, while play a saving and turning-point role in the fate of civilization. Those few who felt this call sought the legendary Hyperborea, the “Happy Isle, where from the dawn of life on Earth the Fountain of Life flows”, in order to get in touch with it, to awaken in themselves the ancient Khvarno, but time long and strictly preserved the secret.

The discovery of Hyperborea is not only the key to nations recognizing their special spiritual and genetic kinship. It is a step towards the great spiritual reunion after millennia of separation and a second reason to accomplish that which our distant ancestors strove to achieve. In its profound content this material is dedicated to all the researchers who have attempted irrespective of the difficulty to restore historical justice, preserving for posterity the memory of Hyperborea – the Arctic ancestral homeland of our civilization.

Thousands of years ago great Atlantis was swallowed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Many researchers believe that the same lot befell Hyperborea and that it now rests at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. But ancient Tibetan tradition says that:

«The White Island is the only place that escaped the general fate of all the continents after the catastrophe. It cannot be destroyed by either water or fire, because it is the Eternal Land».


Amazingly Tibet has not only preserved the memory of Hyperborea, it is also the starting point of a path that leads to its heart, to the world’s greatest sacred centre, to the Great Pyramid of Meru and its surrounding dolmens and pyramids. In order to see the “path” leading there we need to use the directions of the Ancients and Mercator’s map (fig.13), published by his son in 1595.

Many cartographers have tried to solve the mystery of that map. Scholars encountered insuperable difficulties to understanding it, because in creating it Mercator employed three different sources33 – three separate maps produced by different cartographers using different projections and with different degrees of precision. But the main peculiarity that researchers failed to spot and that Mercator himself did not take into account when making his map is that the source maps depicted the area of the Arctic Basin at different periods in the Earth’s geological history – showing the contours of Hyperborea and the surrounding continents either before the flood and the shift of the planet’s axis or afterwards. As a result confusion reigns in Mercator’s map, a confusion that scholars have not been able to resolve, leaving us to look for the answers ourselves. Before we do so, let us start with the main thing.

Numerous ancient sources testify that Hyperborea was located at the North Pole. Among the others, the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata tells us:

«In the north of the Milky Sea (the Arctic Ocean) there is a large island known by the name Svetadvip – a land of the blessed. There is the navel, the centre of the world around which the Sun, Moon and stars rotate».

Following the common opinion, Mercator placed Hyperborea at the North Pole, not suspecting that due to the catastrophe by 11000 B.C. the angle of the Earth’s axis of the rotation and the northern geographical pole had shifted. Nobody has carried out on this score. Practically nothing has been written about the consequences and so we have to work things out for ourselves. Now we shall try to discover which way the Earth’s axis shifted and by how much.

To do so, we recall that the northern side of the great pyramid of the Atlanteans faced one of the sides of Meru. But Atlantis is hidden beneath the waters of the ocean. On the other hand, Kailas in Tibet has survived. For convenience let us view Kailas from above with the aid of aerial photography (fig. 30). This picture was taken from a height of over 20,000 metres and its sides are strictly aligned with the present day points of the compass. The central arrow shows the direction of today’s North Pole.


Fig. 30 View of Kailas from above

Note the plane of the north wall of Kailas. It does not face north, but is turned 15º towards the west. But if we accept that in ancient times this wall faced Meru, then we need to draw a line perpendicular to this “reflector” and extend it northwards to see where it takes us. This has been done in (fig. 31).


Fig. 31

After covering a distance of over 7000 kilometres we come to Greenland (the Great White Island). Now in order to pin down the location of the ancient pole, we need a second bearing from some edifice in the western hemisphere that was oriented on the sacred centre of the world in ancient times. Then the place where they intersect will point us to the right area. Fortunately Kailas is not the only object connected with Meru that still exists. Another structure oriented upon it (in accordance with the ancient canon) is the Maya pyramid complex – the “City of the Gods”, Teotihuacan.


Fig.32 Teotihuacan from a height of 5470 metres.

On this photograph, taken from a height of over five kilometres (fig. 32) we can see that the central “avenue” of Teotihuacan, that the Aztecs out of ignorance called the Road of the Dead, deviates 15º east from due north. In the builders’ conception the “avenue” running through the whole complex to the Pyramid of the Earth9 (Moon) showed the direction to Meru – the planet’s chief pyramid. It is no coincidence that the “City of the Gods” was called “the dwelling place of those who know the way to the gods”. Extrapolating the “avenue” that begins by the Kukulkan pyramid in a northerly direction, we become witnesses to a discovery that puts everything in its place. This avenue leads us straight to the great “White Island” and Meru (fig. 33). Beautifully neat, isn’t it?


Fig. 33 The orientation of Kailas and Teotihuacan on Meru

Thus the three bearings – Teotihuacan’s “road to the gods”, Chinese pyramids and the perpendicular of the northern face of Mount Kailas crossed on the territory of Greenland, indicating not only the place where the North Pole once was. This is the heart of Hyperborea – the ancient sacred centre of the world. It was on this spot 18000 years ago that the Neferu landed on Earth, after which a decisive turn occurred in the evolutionary history of human civilization.



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