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Although many books have been written about the properties of pyramids, they have not yet become an indispensable part of our lives. One of the reasons for this is that people have still not realized what they are and why after all they were built. Many opinions and suggestions have been put forward, but no definite, convincing version of their true purpose has yet been heard.Lost among the multitude of hypotheses is the main idea that provided a mighty stimulus for our ancestors, inspiring them to an unprecedented accomplishment – to erect pyramids that today could not be reproduced by a single country, by even the most advanced economy, unless the whole world collaborated. But for that we need a serious incentive.

What was the ancients’ incentive? What was the stimulus capable of making people accomplish the impossible?


The First stimulus

Fig. 19 A reconstruction of the Babylonian ziggurat
of the god Marduk

Let us examine the construction of the pyramids that performed the role of antennae for "comunication with gods".

One of the types of pyramid that belonged to the global communications system had a stepped shape. Such pyramids were made from metal1 , and had an overall telescopic structure, with the steps moving up and down, in and out, something like a camera lens (Fig. 19).

The ability to regulate the height of the steps made it possible to attune the pyramid to one person then to another. In the upper surface of the highest step there was a “fine-focus lens” that in the later masonry ziggurats degenerated into a lenticular protuberance on the top.

пирамидп структура сверхуThe tuning of such a pyramid was based on a certain individual parameter of the intended recipient (their distinctive biological frequency) through which it was possible to unerringly reach the required Neferu or human being. The communication between Neferu or between Neferu and human took place in the form of mental images with the aid of telepathy. It was this kind of pyramid that became the prototype of the Sumerian ziggurats and, to some extent, the Mayan pyramids.

You will learn later what principles were embodied in the pyramids, but for now we shall examine one more very important quality of the pyramid – the influence that stimulates supernatural abilities and prevents cancer. Pyramids with these properties had smooth faces and were the most widespread type.

1. The memory, lost over the centuries, that the ancient Sumerian ziggurats were metallic structures was preserved in a few texts.In his book Architecture, Mysticism and Myth, in which he tells of the Borsippa ziggurat restored in the time of Nebuchadnezzar, William Lethaby translates the inscription that survives on it in this way:

«I restored and brought to perfection the wonder of Borsippa, the temple of the seven spheres of the world. I erected it in brick and covered it with copper».

2. The capacity of a pyramid field to have a regenerative influence on dead tissue was indicated by the experiments of the cabbalist Enela, whose real name was Mikhail Vladimirovich Sariatin (1883–1963). He was one of the first to conduct researches in Egypt and came to the conclusion that the pyramid heals tissues damaged by cancer.


The Second Stimulus


биологические часыIn starting this very important theme, we shall make a slight digression and return to the present day.

All currently-existing esoteric doctrine sadly has a colossal flaw that has led to the premature death of many people fanatically devoted to developing their minds and improving their energy properties by tapping into the “energies of the Cosmos” and putting themselves in special states of consciousness. This negative outcome that leads to the abyss was a consequence of the loss of knowledge about the genetic peculiarities of the human organism.

Let us examine the essence of the problem in brief.

Widely known treatises on eastern medicines tell us that any disorder in the organism begins with an imbalance in the flow of Yin-Yang energies. In general that is correct, but the most important thing – that which determines the choice and effectiveness of methods to correct the disorder – has been overlooked. That most important thing is that the Yin and Yang are two (contrary) components of the flow of time!

When an ancient source speaks of the need to harmonize the Yin-Yang or Ka-Ba (to use the Ancient Egyptian terms), the reference is to the harmonization of these components that influence the speed with which internal biological time flows. Any disorder in the organism is the result of disruptions of the flows of time in a cell, organ or bodily system in relation to one another, to some general biological clock in the organism and the environment. A proper understanding of this primarily determines the correct choice of means and methods for restoring harmony in such a disorder. The generally accepted methods of correction commonly used today are not effective, and in a number of instances lead to a negative result because they do not consider the physical factors of time.

Entering into interaction with energies of a higher order, a person engaging in meditation, healing or the development of clairvoyance and other parapsychological abilities becomes a conductor of those energies. The energies gradually reconstruct his or her own energy system. As a result mutations begin to take place at the genetic level which accompany the transition of the energy system to the next evolutionary level. The problem is that the start of the mutation processes that accompany reconstruction and the formation of a new energy system goes through a phase of spontaneous cell division in the organism. Medicine knows this process as cancer.

опасность мест силыAs soon as a person, whether through meditation or visiting “places of power” enters an energy flow, this immediately causes a slowing of their inner (biological) time. The effect will be accompanied by a general harmonization, increased energy levels, a general improvement of condition, a heightening of extrasensory abilities, occasionally the appearance of clairvoyance or other exceptional skills. If the person were to remain permanently in the flow, their abilities and longevity would amaze everyone around. But the problem is that as soon as the person comes out of meditation or leaves the place of power (gets out of the flow), it is only a matter of time before the immune system “recoils”, a process marked by an abrupt acceleration of the biological time that for many can cause the appearance of atypical cells and the start of an oncological process.

The statistics on how the human organism is affected by the energies with which healers and clairvoyants interact in their practice are very telling. An analysis carried out by specialists from Russia’s Academy of National Security produced staggering results. Within 7-10 years of finishing schools of psychic healing around 70% of the graduates who actively and conscientiously engaged in healing practice died of cancer. In the autumn of 2005 alone the eleven followers of Bronnikov’s system for developing clairvoyance (which is actively promoted in Russia and abroad) with around ten years experience had contracted cancer. This applies not only to healers and mentalists, but also to the practising ideologists of spiritual and esoteric schools.

It is shocking to learn that such well known and universally acknowledged authorities as Jiddu Krishnamurti, Romana Maharishi, Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Sri Aurobindo, the Mother (Mirra Alfassa), Madame Blavatsky, Helen Roerich, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Vanga, Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), Castaneda and many others also succumbed to cancer. Ignorance of the Law evidently does not free human beings from the requirement to observe it.

The appearance of cancer is the immune system’s reaction to the inner reconstruction prompted by interaction with higher-order energies. Under these circumstances the immune system begins to manifest itself in an unexpected way: reacting to changes in a person’s energetics, it launches a “program” of self-destruction for the organism, unless the practices for the development of abilities take into account the genetic peculiarities of the human energy bodies and the Earth.

The energy acquired through practices or through visiting places of power which evokes profound changes in a person’s energy structure has to be stabilized and transformed into a kind of energy acceptable to the human organism. The transformation of the received energy is accomplished through synchronization of the energy system and the flow of time within the person with Earth’s energy system and flow of time (more information in the section on Synchronization). This conserves the flow of inner biological time, which expresses itself, for example, in a retardation of ageing processes, degenerative and auto-immune processes. In this way cancer can be avoided.

It was to accomplish this exceptionally important task that the Neferu encouraged the ancient priests to construct and use smooth-sided pyramids and the «Wands of Horus», since it was highly unlikely that earthlings would identify these mechanisms empirically (you can read more in Valery Uvarov’s book «The Wands of Horus», 2004)

If you are shocked and disoriented by this turn of events, get a grip on yourself. We did warn you that a lot of your ideas would change. If you reflect calmly, you will have to agree that the changes are positive – you are beginning to think in the categories employed by the Neferu and much in our past will become clearer to you. Let’s go back and look how everything developed in that fascinating prehistoric time.

Now you understand why the earthlings’ contacts with the Neferu were limited. The Neferu’s life-support system might have caused a cancer epidemic among the surrounding populace. This could well have provoked a wave of negative emotion towards the “gods” and so the Neferu made their bases in remote, sometimes almost inaccessible places that were known only to a small circle of humans. This was compounded by another factor of no small importance…

The Third Stimulus

One of the divine qualities that the Neferu possessed was their longevity, which in comparison with earthly lives seemed an eternity. They achieved this result by slowing down the ageing processes. Death cannot be abolished, but its arrival can be delayed so much that the organism will age over many hundreds, even thousands of years. To achieve that you have to conserve the flow of internal biological time, something the Neferu accomplished using energy sources and pyramids. Of course this is something that will interest the reader and such a simple-sounding solution to one of the burning issues of existence requires further explanation. We shall examine the nature of this effect later, when you read the section of synchronization and the results of scientific research into the effect of pyramid fields on the human organism. For the meantime, though, let us return to the Neferu.

While on Earth, the Neferu found themselves beyond the influence of the energy sources of their own planets and so they created within their bases conditions for the conservation of the flow of biological time. Rare fortunate earthlings got to visit these bases and later spoke of them as the place where a human being obtained “immortality”.

In the legends of the ancient Sumerians, such a place was called Tilmun – the “Land of Life”. There were several spots like it on Earth. One of them is described in the epic of Gilgamesh, who was “two-thirds god, one-third man” (of mixed parentage). This Sumerian legend about the search for immortality tells of Gilgamesh, the ruler of Uruk, who asked his “divine father” for permission to enter the “Land of Life”. The ancient scribes composed epic tales of this exceptional ruler, stating that “He knew that not far from the ‘Land of Mines’ lay the ‘Land of Life”, to which the gods moved mortals worthy of eternal youth. This was the dwelling of the forefathers whose bodies the gods had washed with Cleansing Water (energy)”

1. A number of expeditions established that next to the gigantic cirques (quarries) on the Kola peninsula is a lake – Seidiavr – that is unique in every respect.

 Сейдоозеро Сейдозеро
Seidozero (Seidiavr)
lies in the crater of an ancient volcano
Seidiavr, Southern coast
Сейдозеро Сейдозеро

Seidiavr, Ninchurt


On its shores, considerably beyond the Arctic Circle, wild grapevines grow. Here too you can find insects and plants whose habitat is far too the south. The water of the lake has truly amazing properties that the author of the present book has experienced personally on several occasions. After a series of expeditions, analysis of the water and experiments carried out on the lake, the certainty arose that the Seidiavr area was once the location of one of the Neferu bases – Tilmun, that same “Land of Life” with “cleansing water”! The energy flow in the crater of the ancient volcano still resembles the time-conserving energetics of the zone created here by the Neferu over 13,659 years ago. Even today this flow is capable of curing certain serious disorders of the human organism.



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