wands catTo regulate the energy balance in the body the Ancient Egyptians used «Wands of Horus» — cylinders with various contents. As result of many years of research and according to ancient texts we have developed 10 main types of the «Wands of Horus».

All varieties of the «Wands of Horus», and also the materials from which the copper and magnetic patches, as well as the insoles with copper-zinc liners, undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in a large pyramid built specially for the purpose. This gives the Wands of Horus special properties and enable them to attune themselves quickly and deeply to the human organism.

All the varieties of the «Wands of Horus», the trademarks «Wands of Horus» and the Russian «Жезлы Гора», the pyramids and insoles with copper-zinc liners are protected by Russian Federation patents and have all the necessary certificates.


The Wands of Horus QUARTZ with a filling of fine-grained quartz crystals are irreplaceable for people who have suffered a stroke, myocardial infarction of other serious vascular problem. With daily use they gently, deeply and effectively improve the state of the vascular system after serious catastrophes, restoring the elasticity of vessels and improving the rheology (flowing capacity) of the blood.
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The Wands of Horus QUARTZ large-grain are a unique preventive device intended for people with an intensive lifestyle accompanied by stresses and large workloads. The filling used for this type of wand is specially selected quartz with a general stimulating effect on the human nervous, endocrine and energy systems.
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The Wands of Horus CRYSTAL have the same properties as the Wands of Horus MONO but differ in having a more specific effect due to the heterogeneous structure of the crystals.
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The Wands of Horus KONT with coal and ferromagnetic filling synchronize a user’s energy system with the energy flow of the Earth’s core. Synchronization of the energy shell and energy channels is accomplished at low frequency and so the Wands of Horus KONT have a positive, restorative reflect on heart rhythm.
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The Wands of Horus MONO contained monocrystalline quartz. This type of wands was intended for priestly healers. The energy “cocoon” created by this type on the one hand has a powerful stimulating and harmonising effect on the patient, on the others acts to implement and relay thought programs (images) originating in the healer’s consciousness.
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Priests with a well developed and prepared energy system usedWands of Horus MONO with crystals cut in a special way that strengthened certain of the wands’ properties. Creating a tool to interact with particular energy flows, they placed inside the “Wands of Horus” crystals cut to the shape of six-faceted prisms.
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To stimulate and synchronize the human energy system with the energy flows of the ninth level of the Universe’s energy system transformed by the Earth’s core, the priests used “Wands of Horus” containing nine-faceted crystals.
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The Wands of Horus Mono with a twelve-faceted crystal are designed to stimulate and synchronize the 12 human energy bodies with the 12 energy bodies of our Solar system and 12 energy bodies of The Universe (God). This encient technology follows the principle of 12! 12-part cycles (rhythms): the 12 hours of the day and night, the 12 months of the year and the main 12-year cycle, made up of three 4-year cycles, the 12 divisions of the main precessional cycle and so on. All this is needed to get human energy system attuned to the rhythms of the most important cycles in the energy flows of the Earth and cosmos.
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The Wands of Horus BJA are a type of wands filled in accordance with an ancient formula with native (naturally pure, uncombined) iron that the Ancient Egyptians called “Bja”. In the priestly practices and spiritual traditions of Egypt Bja occupied a special place.
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The Wands of Horus BJA PHARAOH are a type of wands filled in accordance with an ancient formula with meteoritic iron. The knowledge obtained from the Neferu and carried down through the centuries by the followers of Horus about the special properties of meteoritic iron was full of mystery and the Wands of Horus with this special kind of iron was the property of a tight group of initiates.
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