The use of the Wands in parapsychology, psychic practices and healing

Regular work with the Wands of Horus: 

  • Stimulates the 6th and 7th energy shells, leading to an expansion of the pranic cocoon around a person possessing special characteristics. 
  • Restores the rhythm of the first three energy bodies resulting in a synchronization of the user’s energy structure with that of the Earth; energy channels are activated, their carrying capacity increases as does sensitivity 
  • Decreases the interhemispheric asymmetry in the rear divisions of brain 
  • Increases that alpha and beta activity of the cerebral cortex characteristic of the internal “scanning” of thought images 
  • Restores the biological rhythm s of the body’s organs and systems 
  • Restores the organism’s overall energy balance 
  • Encourages the excretion of internal contaminants (in conjunction with sea-salt baths)
  • Makes it possible to harmonize one’s inner psycho-emotional state, to balance the nervous system and the work of the internal organs, to improve blood circulation, correct the bio-energy field which is a decisive condition for the development of a mental and parapsychological potentials that open up the way to deep meditative states 
  • By restoring the user’s overall bio-energy rhythm creates conditions for entering the energy flow which is a decisive condition for the development of parapsychological and psychic abilities (see Appendix 4) 
  • Stabilizes the energy potential acquired during meditation and practical activities, including those employing natural sources of energy 
  • Is a powerful means of cancer protection, stabilizing mutation processes associated with the activation of the human energy system (see the section on why the Wands of Horus were created and also Cancer and the Method of Fighting It in the instructions for using the Wands of Horus) 
  • Restores and enlarges the energy shell through which diagnosis and influence upon a patient takes place.

aura sThrough stimulation of the energy system the Wands of Horus cause an increase in the size and density of a user’s aura which makes the process of diagnosis using the hands significantly easier. One of the problems that psychic healers encounter when trying to make a diagnosis relying on the sensitivity of their hands is a lack of thickness and density in the surrounding shell that reflects the state of a person’s organism. The depressed state of the shell may be due to a disruption of the energy balance and energy losses caused by disease and a number of other factors.Even a brief session with the Wands of Horus improves a patient’s general energy condition, enlarging the energy shell, which makes diagnosis using the hands more successful.

y 1136ca9dThe scientific experiments conducted by K.G. Korotkov, who works in the Centre for Energy-Information Technologies at the St Petersburg State Institute of Precise Mechanics and Optics, using the Kirlian diagnostic method, showed informational clarification of the indicators of disease in people holding the Wands of Horus. In other words, in certain cases the Wands of Horus can significantly increase the accuracy of diagnosis when using the Kirlian method.

This illustration clearly shows a breach of the energy shell in the head area. Diagnosis was carried out after a 15-minute session with the wands. This presentation of the pathological area was due to an increase in the size and density of the aura, making disruptions within it easier to spot.

It should be stressed that the effectiveness of a healer’s influence upon a patient is also dependent on the size and density of the aura through which the influence on their condition takes place. A weak, thin aura can be one of the reasons for ineffective influence at the energy level. Thus to make diagnosis and treatment more effective, the healer should encourage a patient to work with the Wands of Horus for 30–40 minutes before a healing session. This will increase the size and density of the patient’s aura.

The Wands of Horus and copper patches are part of a palaeotechnology that was also used by the ancient priests to prepare and treat the sick.

Considering the colossal experience of the Ancients, it can stated with assurance that the use of the Wands of Horus and pyramids is of powerful assistance to healers in their work with patients. The pyramid’s structuring and stimulating field and the copper patches will encourage the deeper action of both Wands of Horus and healer on the human organism.




  • Quartz*
  • Quartz***
  • Kont
  • Crystal
  • Mono
  • Mono 6
  • Mono 9
  • Mono 12
  • Bja
  • Bja-Pharaoh

wands of horus egyptian rods rods of ra cylinders of the pharaoh valery uvarov The Wands of Horus QUARTZ with a filling of fine-grained quartz crystals are irreplaceable for people who have suffered a stroke, myocardial infarction of other serious vascular problem.

With daily use they gently, deeply and effectively improve the state of the vascular system after serious catastrophes, restoring the elasticity of vessels and improving the rheology (flowing capacity) of the blood.

The Wands of Horus QUARTZ are the only means capable of improving the state of the vascular system, restoring the powers of the organism and immune system that have been suppressed by the illness even without the use of drugs. Despite the fact that the Wands of Horus were created in deep Antiquity with the aim of improving the vascular system, since that time humanity has invented nothing better than this astonishing

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wands of horus egyptian rods rods of ra cylinders of the pharaoh valery uvarovThe Wands of Horus QUARTZ large-grain are a unique preventive device intended for people with an intensive lifestyle accompanied by stresses and large workloads. The filling used for this type of wand is specially selected quartz with a general stimulating effect on the human nervous, endocrine and energy systems. The operating mechanism of this type of wand, an implementation of very profound knowledge in the field of metabolic processes in human beings and in the Universe, permits a profound harmonizing effect on a human being, improving general nervous and emotional condition, immune status and retarding the flow of internal biological time.

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wands of horus egyptian rods rods of ra cylinders of the pharaoh valery uvarovThe Wands of Horus KONT with coal and ferromagnetic filling synchronize a user’s energy system with the energy flow of the Earth’s core. Synchronization of the energy shell and energy channels is accomplished at low frequency and so the Wands of Horus KONT have a positive, restorative reflect on heart rhythm.

If the Wands of Horus KONT are used at night, between 11 pm and 4 pm, they act upon the nervous system promoting the activation of processes of cell regeneration and renewal and thus rejuvenating the organism. Read More

end-crystal-180x144 The Wands of Horus   CRYSTAL have the same properties as the Wands of Horus MONO but differ in having a more specific effect due to the heterogeneous structure of the crystals.

The Wands of Horus   CRYSTAL are a special type of the wands that contain several monocrystals of quartz that have a particular pattern of facets. The selection of crystals according to particular criteria and the use of certain combinations of faceting for the Wands of Horus   CRYSTAL make it possible to obtain a tool for the correction of problems associated with disruptions to cardiac rhythm.

The function of the heart is characterized by the periodic succession of two opposite states of the myocardium: tense (systolic) and relaxed (diastolic). The harmonious working of the heart is connected with

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wands monoThe Wands of Horus MONO contained monocrystalline quartz. This type of wands was intended for priestly healers. The energy “cocoon” created by this type on the one hand has a powerful stimulating and harmonising effect on the patient, on the others acts to implement and relay thought programs (images) originating in the healer’s consciousness.

While they have all the qualities of the Wands of Horus with small-particle quartzite filling, the Wands of Horus Mono have several important differences:

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wands of horus egyptian rods rods of ra cylinders of the pharaoh valery uvarov Priests with a well developed and prepared energy system used Wands of Horus   Mono with crystals cut in a special way that strengthened certain of the wands’ properties.  Creating a tool to interact with particular energy flows, they placed inside the “wands of Horus” crystals cut to the shape of six-faceted prisms.

Among other things, hexagonal crystals were placed in the wands to synchronize the human energy system with that of the Earth. This choice was not accidental and is connected with a number of phenomenal properties possessed by the energy fields of the Earth and characteristic also of other planets in the Solar System.  

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wands of horus egyptian rods rods of ra cylinders of the pharaoh valery uvarovTo stimulate and synchronize the human energy system with the energy flows of the ninth level of the Universe’s energy system transformed by the Earth’s core, the priests used “Wands of Horus” containing nine-faceted crystals. 

Experiments have shown that this type of wand has a more intense (active) effect on the human energy system. On the physical plane, the self-tuning of the wands to the individual organism is considerably quicker, the activity of the cardio-vascular system is stimulated more rapidly, which manifests itself in a faster expansion of the vessels and increased intensity of heart contractions. Read More

wands of horus egyptian rods rods of ra cylinders of the pharaoh valery uvarov The Wands of Horus Mono with a twelve-faceted crystal are designed to stimulate and synchronize the 12 human energy bodies with the 12 energy bodies of our Solar system and 12 energy bodies of The Universe (God). This encient technology follows the principle of 12! 12-part cycles (rhythms): the 12 hours of the day and night, the 12 months of the year and the main 12-year cycle, made up of three 4-year cycles, the 12 divisions of the main precessional cycle and so on. All this is needed to get human energy system attuned to the rhythms of the most important cycles in the energy flows of the Earth and cosmos. 

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wands of horus egyptian rods rods of ra cylinders of the pharaoh valery uvarov The Wands of Horus BJA are a type of wands filled in accordance with an ancient formula with native (naturally pure, uncombined) iron that the Ancient Egyptians called “Bja”. In the priestly practices and spiritual traditions of Egypt Bja occupied a special place. Judging by the texts, the priests obtained their knowledge about the properties of Bja in deep antiquity from the Neferu. The use of native iron was determined by its special influence on the human organism and energy system, primarily, because of its ability to synchronize the human energy system with that of the Earth. The transfer of the energies radiated by the core of our planet into the human organism is accomplished through the resonance linking the structure of the iron core of the planet to the structure

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wands of horus egyptian rods rods of ra cylinders of the pharaoh valery uvarov The Wands of Horus BJA PHARAOH are a type of wands filled in accordance with an ancient formula with meteoritic iron. The knowledge obtained from the Neferu and carried down through the centuries  by the followers of Horus about the special properties of meteoritic iron was full of mystery and the Wands of Horus with this special kind of iron was the property of a tight group of initiates.

In the priestly practices of Ancient Egypt, Bja, iron, of meteoric origin was an object of special importance and used by those who entered into mental “intercourse with the gods”. This is because the Wands of Horus with meteoritic iron stimulated a person’s capacity for informational interaction with the Universe through mental dispatches (images).

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